How learning to code develops creativity in kids

With schools closed and kids spending more time at home, they have more free time on their hands.  If your kids complain that they’re bored, there are ways you can help them bust that boredom. By encouraging them to be creative and use their imaginations, they’ll soon see that boredom doesn’t exist!

This is the perfect time to show them how learning to code develops creativity in kids. Whether it’s something they’ve shown in an interest in before or something new, there’s no time like the present to get those creative juices flowing.

If you’re ready to have your kids jump aboard the creativity train, here are several ways how learning to code develops creativity in kids.


Coding Teaches Kids to Try New Things


To be successful in coding, kids need to try new things. They need to learn what works and what doesn’t.  By doing this, they express their creativity to solve problems. They quickly realize that thinking out of the box is sometimes the answer. They learn that sometimes you have to try new things to get it right.


Coding Gets Both Sides of the Brain Working Together


While the left side of the brain is associated with logical thinking and analytics, the right side of the brain deals with the imagination and art. Learning to code teaches kids how to use both sides of their brains together.


Coding Builds Confidence with Creativity


It’s not always easy to let your creative side show. As kids become more comfortable with coding, they get more comfortable in showing their creative sides. This builds confidence that kids can use throughout their lives.


Coding Brings Things to Life


Your child may have had the best idea but never thought it would become a reality. By learning to code, they learn that anything is possible. They learn that creativity brings things to life. If you suppress that creativity, some of the best ideas will never become a reality.