Frequently Asked Questions

About Us:

What is wondered?

Wondered provides preschoolers with coding lessons through story telling. Focusing on preschoolers’ development. Our activities are specially tailored to enhance social & life skills.

What services do you provide?

Wondered provides coding sessions for toddlers of the age 3 to 6 years old. We teach children coding through storytelling and games. We also sell a coding activity book that covers our entire curriculum, accompanied with it is ed and edina the plushy robots who will definetely become your child’s new bestfriends.

What philosophy or curriculum do you adhere to?

Our coding curriculum is built to be fun and engaging, embedding the coding concepts in inquisitive, discovery based, hands-on learning activities.In addition to cognitive skills development, our lesson plan’s learning objectives engage the senses, reinforce gross and fine motor skills, and encourage artistic expression.

How is your curriculum divided?

Our curriculum consists of 6 levels:

Level 1: Basic algorithm and sequence

Level 2: Conditionals section 1

Level 3: Conditionals section 2

Level 4: Loops Beginners

Level 5: Loops advanced 

Level 6: Loops intermediate


Why choose WonderEd?

We’ve got a top-notch team of experts that are meticulously designing the activities. Your child’s experience in WonderEd will be extraordinary and unforgettable!


What type of sessions do you provide?

We provide individual, one to one, sessions and group sessions.

How do you Group Children?

Our group sessions are divided into two:

Group 1: Ages 3-4 years old

Group 2: Ages 5-6 years old


At what Age do you accept students?

We start at Ages 3 to 6 years old.

How many kids are there in group sessions?

Our classes are limited to a maximum of 5 kids.

How long are the sessions?

  • Our individual sessions are 45mins long.
  • Our group sessions are also 45 mins long.


Can i change a booking?

Depends on availabilty.

Can I watch my child’s session?

Yes, only in the one to one sessions.

Can we cancel bookings?

Yes. But, within a 24 hour notice. If notice was not given prior 24 hours a fee of 150,000 L.L should be payed.

Can i book over the phone?

Yes. You can either book through calls or through our website.


What type of partnerships do you have?

We partner with nurseries and preschools and provide coding sessions in the institution.

Do i need a reservation for sessions that happen in the preschools and nurseries?

Rsvp to book sessions.


How do I contact you?

You can call us on: +961 70 927 904   Or via email: