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“Our mission is to stimulate children to discover the world around them by using specific sensory motor equipment” –


“Quality education system, keen to help all children reach their full potential!”-


“We constantly strive to create an environment that is an extension of the home: a welcoming place full of happy people who take their roles in your child’s life seriously. Our mission is to provide a safe caring, stimulating, inclusive environment for kids.” –


Our educational approaches promote the cognitive, creative, physical, social and emotional development of every child” –


To teach and learn from the next generation on how to grow up with a proactive, caring and compassionate attitude towards the natural environment, through our exciting activity‐based and highly interactive curriculums the children of the future on the right path towards leading a life of environmental responsibility.” –


Our aim is to provide kids the best services, daily activities, workshops, animation in a safe and clean environment, supervised and entertained by a highly qualified team.“-


Abc Dbayeh, Verdun and Ashrafiye

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We partner with nurseries and preschools for activity sessions.

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