Coding Kit

#1 Coding starter Kit

The Wonderkit is composed of:

Our Coding Activity Book, a Black Marker, Ed or Edina the Plushy Robots, a Firefighter Map, and a Fire Fighter Suit.


No Screen Coding

The Coding Activity Book’s curriculum improves the child’s coding skills completely off screen. From directional learning, algorithm writing, conditional comprehension to looping all taught through analyzing, building, and tracing.

Built For Learning

The Coding Activity Book is built with the purpose of improving the child’s cognitive, and analytical skills. The variety of challenges and exercises improve the child’s problem solving skills, along with many fun and creative activities.

Tough and wipeable

The Coding Activity Book is reusable and mistake friendly! Through wipeable pages, the child can try to solve the challenges and exercises until he or she succeeds! The child can draw wherever his or her heart desires, and everything can be wiped clean.