About WonderEd

WonderEd brings STEAM concepts to young kids in a playful and captivating way, totally away from screen. Designed by early childhood educators, WonderEd uses simple games to motivate children (aged 3-6) to explore science, technology, engineering, art, and math away from early electronic screen exposure to unleash the problem-solver and creative genuis within them.

Our Process

We offer monthly innovative and fun activities, games and projects that encourage building, experimentation and tinkering with technology.

Our Approach

We believe that play is very important in a child’s life. It helps develop motor, social and emotional skills, which are the basis of their future success in school and at work.

Our Goal

We aim to disrupt the boring and passive learning method of our time, and bring out the creative genius in each and every kid. By making learning fun, students will be more motivated to learn. 

Our Mission

WonderEd's mission is to provide a resource that empowers educators and parents to make a personal impact on children's learning.


We Work With The Best